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What to Prepare for Indonesia Trademark Registration Process?

indonesia trademark registration process

As if you are opening a new branch of your brand or just starting a new brand in Indonesia, it is very important to make your brand patent, to avoid any brand winning scandals that happen in some cases of Indonesia trademark registration process.

Especially in Indonesia itself, there are cases of brand failure, hence protecting the brand is a must. Luckily, the Indonesia trademark registration process now is available for online plea registration. What should you prepare.

Indonesia Trademark Registration Process: Essentials and Steps

indonesia trademark registration process

How do you apply for your brand trademark through online registration? Well, here’s what you do:

  1. First, register your brand account on this online site: https://merek.dgip.go.id/ to start registering your brand.
  2. Activate your account using the link sent on your registered email.
  3. Login using the account you registered.
  4. Apply a plea form.
  5. When applying for the plea, you will be directly brought to the site http://simpaki.dgip.go.id/ where you find your payment billing code.
  6. Make your payment within 24 hours or the system will cancel it automatically.
  7. After you have done your payment, you will soon receive your brand registration form and you can fill up precisely with your brand identity.
  8. If it is done well, check on regularly the plea form you have submitted to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights.

Now, it looks easy, right? To do those steps of registering your brand trademark in Indonesia, you should also prepare things below as it will be submitted to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights’ site.

What Should You Prepare?

  1. Date of applying the plea.
  2. Full name, nationality, and address of the plea submitter or brand owner.
  3. Full name and address (if you are applying under your attorney’s name).
  4. The brand label with at least 2×2 cm² and less than 9x9cm². For online applying, labels should be in the digital JPG form.
  5. Colour of the brand logo/design (optional).
  6. Short introduction about the goods/services sold by the brand.
  7. Please payment bill.
  8. If you are using the attorney service or you have the priority rights, also upload the documents related to these two services.
  9. For online applying, the brand ownership statement letter would be provided from the site officially. You will only need to upload a signature document from yourself or your attorney.
  10. You are allowed to submit more than 1 brand trademark in 1 plea.
  11. To check the classification of goods and services, check on because of Indonesia’s brand classification based on that site.

The Brand Labels

indonesia trademark registration process

Last but not least is to prepare the brand labels you have to prepare. Here are some brand labels guide for you:

  1. For 3 dimension brands, submit the labels in visual design and clear introduction also protection claims.
  2. For brands that cover sounds, the labels you should submit comes in notation, and the recorded sounds sample.
  3. For brands that cover sounds that are unable to put in a notation, send labels in sonogram form.
  4. For brands that apply for hologram products, submit labels of visual design from each side of the hologram.

Those are things you should prepare for trademark registration in Indonesia.