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5 Reasons Why Kids Camp is Awesome

top reasons why kids camp is awesome

Although every child is unique, at Newtonshow we’re firm believers that everyone can benefit from attending our holiday camps, whether they be for summer camp or another holiday.

Whatever their interests, kids can gain important social and cognitive skills at camp and make special memories along the way. Here are just 5 of the many benefits we believe that Newtonshow kids camps can offer:


We hope that everyone who comes to camp will go home having learnt some new STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) concepts while also having a lot of fun.

But good camps offer so much more than this. Away from family, and outside of their normal school social groups, kids can learn to be more independent, while also making new friendships.

top reasons why kids camp is awesome


Being able to thrive outside of the security of their normal comfort zones helps kids establish their own identities and can be a massive boost to their self-esteem.

In a safe, nurturing environment, kids feel able to try new things and push their boundaries just that little bit more.

Screen-free Enrichment

For many families screens/devices have become a battleground between parents and their children. Good holiday camps offer fun, screen-free activities that can remind kids that there is more to life than pixels and trying to get to the next level.

At camp they will get a good balance between play and learning; the ultimate goal is that the boundary between the two becomes hard to distinguish.

top reasons why kids camp is awesome

Teamwork and Respect

Another benefit of a holiday camp for kids is the opportunity to work in new groups and learn how to work in teams.

Through this interaction with kids from other schools, other nationalities, other races and religions, they learn to respect differences.

Lifelong Skills

We think it’s important to keep kids’ career options broad at this stage and we’ve been pleased to witness children inspired to consider careers as scientists, architects, engineers, astronauts, and AI experts as well.

The world is changing rapidly and it’s clear that many of the careers that our kids will embark upon haven’t been invented yet.

In this environment some of the most important lifelong skills, and ones which we try to foster, are creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. We hope that attending Newtonshow camps will help to prepare kids for whatever the future may hold.