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Elon Musk Selling Off Last California House Before Starting Mars Colony in 2050

elon musk selling off last california home before starting mars colony

Bacalagers Media, JakartaElon Musk says he plans on selling his last remaining home in California after vowing to sell off all his possessions to find a Mars colony.

The Tesla founder tweeted late on Sunday: “Decided to sell my last remaining house. Just needs to go to a large family who will live there. It’s a special place,”

It follows the tech billionaire vowing in May of 2020 to sell off all physical possessions and “own no house” before launching a Mars colony by 2050.

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The house, situated in the San Francisco Bay Area, had been rented out by Mr Musk for “events” before Sunday’s announcement.

“Yeah, [I] sold my houses, except for 1 in Bay Area that’s rented out for events,” tweeted the Tesla founder on Wednesday.

“Working on sustainable energy for Earth with Tesla & protecting future of consciousness by making life multiplanetary with SpaceX.”

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He also tweeted on Wednesday that he is still paying taxes in California after relocating to Texas in January because of the state’s handling of COVID-19.

It following criticism of the tech billionaire for allegedly paying almost no federal income tax in some years, and only $455m (£322m) in taxes from 2014 to 2018, as report by ProPublica.

That was despite Mr Musk’s wealth growing by over $14bn (£9.2bn), and his rise to the top of the world’s richest individuals, according to Bussiness Insider.