Why Crypto Needs A Curator More Than Ever

For the past three years, Decrypt has had one mission: make the world of cryptocurrency and decentralized technologies an easier place to understand and access. 

In the early days, that mission focused on creating simple – not to mention beautiful – explainers on some of the core concepts defining the Web3 world.

Decrypt: the early years.

As LitePaper expanded – and would eventually evolve to become Decrypt – that mission grew. We wanted to not only explore the technology, we also wanted to help our growing readership learn about the people, places, and projects that were helping this world flourish and thrive.

Bringing you the stories that matter. IMAGE: Decrypt

But blockchain never sleeps. 

As the technology has accelerated and become simpler, quicker, and millions of people are waking up to this new world, so the need to provide new ways of navigating the Web 3 world grows. That’s why Decrypt believes there needs to be a more curated approach to helping people understand the trends and ideas shaping how things work.  

The shape of things to come.

A case in point: As of March 2021, there are 8,900 active cryptocurrencies, 36,739 markets, exchanges, and trading pairs where billions of dollars worth of currencies are bought and sold, not to mention the thousands of artists, musicians, creators, and companies pouring into this space. That’s a lot of new stuff to try and digest. This is why Decrypt is going to do the hard work for you. 

We’ve helped keep our millions of readers informed about the stories that matter, we’re now going to help tastemakers and businesses discover the trends shaping this world. 

What Is the Decrypt Reader Token and How Does It Work?

Each month, our creative team will showcase a variety of ideas that we believe are actively shaping this space. Some of them will appear on our newest platform, Decrypt Drops (more on that tomorrow). And some will be insights from our creative team published on our website. Why are we doing this? 

Decrypt staffers are regularly contacted by friends and family members in industries adjacent to crypto but also further afield asking for help understanding this space. 

We also have businesses reaching out asking the same thing. Everything from copyright issues surrounding NFTs, the environmental impact of crypto to the ongoing debate about diversity in the workplace. So we thought why not share our considerable knowledge and insight with a broader audience? 

Over the next few weeks, you'll start seeing more from Decrypt‘s collective hive mind sharing insights, thoughts, and offering a helping hand to anyone in need of a friendly face in this space.

Decrypt is on a broader mission to distill everything we have learned about the decentralized web over the last three years to bring our readers closer to the people, products, and places that matter in new and exciting ways. 

This is the next chapter in that journey. Need help finding your way through the crypto maze? Reach out to partnerships@decrypt.co